I’m Nicole DiMella

I’m a photo researcher, and I’m ready to procure the perfect photos, illustrations, artwork, historical artifacts, or videos for your website, book, magazine, app, etc etc etc!

In previous full-time work for editorial publishers, my responsibilities included researching and selecting imagery to enhance texts for both aesthetics and educational value, hiring freelance image researchers and photographers, obtaining rights and permissions, and negotiating fees and vendor contracts to keep on budget.

Editors, designers and other coworkers also relied on my imagination and ease in communication to conduct design meetings, where we would create and manage the appearance of approximately one hundred publications per year.

Earlier in my career I worked as an editorial photographer, and have shot images for stock ever since. I’d like to say that even earlier I was an art student, but really, when does one stop learning from art?

Lemon wha???

I could pretend it refers to the philosophical lemons/lemonade relationship, but really it sounds out the initials of my family members – LEMN. I’m the N and the L, E and M are my sunny day glasses of lemonade.

It’s a snap!