In my previous full-time work for an educational publisher, my responsibilities included researching and selecting imagery to enhance our texts for both aesthetics and educational value, hiring freelance image researchers and photographers, obtaining rights and permissions, and negotiating fees and vendor contracts to keep on budget.

​My editors also relied on my imagination and ease in communication to conduct design meetings, where we would create and manage the appearance of approximately one hundred publications per year.

Earlier in my career I worked as an editorial photographer, and have shot images for stock ever since. I'd like to say that even earlier I was an art student, but really, when does one stop learning from art?

I'm ready to help clients create their next projects. It's a snap!

But, um.... lemons??? I could pretend it refers to the philosophical lemons/lemonade relationship, but really it sounds out the initials of my family members - LMN. I'm the N and the L and M are my sunny day glasses of lemonade.

​Get the picture?

Meet: Nicole DiMella


RESEARCHING Photo, illustration, art and motion research ▪ Communication with individual, institutional, amateur and agency vendors ▪ Digital asset management  
EDITING Clearance, rights and permissions ▪ Usage rate agreements and contracts ▪ Color correction and retouching ▪ Plan and critique of publication designs ▪ Interior and cover book design ▪ Educational products, fiction, and nonfiction print and electronic publications 
CREATING Digital photography, in-studio and location ▪ News, sports and feature photography ▪ Stock photography ▪ Keywording/tagging ▪ Photo studio equipment purchasing and maintenance 
MANAGING Hiring and managing freelancers ▪ Containing costs under tight budgets and strict deadlines ▪ Partner with editors, designers, writers, illustrators and marketing professionals ▪ Highly organized ▪ Multi-tasking  

·       Obtained photos and permissions from legendary guitarist Les Paul for one of his last biographies before his death, Electric Guitar Man: The Genius of Les Paul, by Edwin Brit Wyckoff.
·       Completed all image research for Big Cats: Hunters of the Night by Elaine Landau, the 2008 Children's Choice Book Awards Book of the Year, Third–Fourth Grade. Facilitated all image clearance and permissions after Scholastic purchased the entire series Animals After Dark and rebound it as Hunters of the Night.
​·       Photographed local reactions to the events on September 11, 2001 for a group of community newspapers.  One image was selected for the 2002 exhibition “Here is New York.”  Later the image was published in the Social Studies textbook titled New Context by Cornelsen Verlag.

·       Cover image research and design planning for Code Name Komiko. Paul, Naomi. Enslow Publishers, Inc. Forthcoming 2014.
·       Image research for The American Revolution Through Primary Sources series. Micklos, John. Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2013.
·       Original location photography and image research for Ready, Set, Cheer! series. Mullarkey, Lisa. Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2011.
·       Original studio photography for Paper Craft Fun for Holidays series.  McGee, Randel. Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2008-2012.
·       Photo editing of images from one photographer for Running Free: America’s Wild Horses.  Staub, Frank. Enslow Publishers, Inc. 2006.  

Enslow Publishers, Inc., Berkeley Heights, NJ - Photo Manager, 2006 – 2013
​Rosen Publishing Group, New York, NY - Photo Researcher, 2005 – 2006
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Education, New York, NY - Image Coordinator, 2004 – 2005 
NJN Publishing, Somerville, NJ - Staff Photographer, 1998 – 2004
​Sygma Photo News, New York, NY - Assistant Photo Researcher, 1997 – 1998  

The College of New Jersey, Ewing, NJ - BFA in Fine Arts, 1997  

​American Society of Picture Professionals (ASPP)